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Together they explore their emotions, breathing life into them with pop rock, R&B funk and even some Latin rock productions. Annie's rosewood-resonant vocal tone and reined-in power is complemented by Steve's moving falsetto and guitar chops, and an occasional cacophonetic crossroad in arrangement adds to the matrimonial drama. They dared to air it all, and music bound their wounds. Who doesn't like a happy ending?...more

11.01.2013 ROCTOBER

"While the tone. content, lyrics, and raw emotion of this couple's musical exploration of the lowest points in their relationship (leading to betrayals, breakups, changed relationships) are all jarring, what really shocked me wasn't the soul-searching but the actual soul." ..more

10.15.2013 JPSmusicblog
From the Washington, D.C. area comes the husband and wife singing/songwriting duo of Anne And Steve Sidley. Their latest release is the 14-song set entitled "Bittersweet."...more

10.15.2013 The Alternate Root
Steve Sidleys plays most of the instruments on The Sidleys Bittersweet album. Steve's wife, Annie, has a big voice, full of emotion, the kind of voice that spreads a healthy layer of soul over everything it touches. ..more

Bittersweet is a timeless bit of alternative pop that contains some alluring instrumental arrangements and catchy vocals. While the initial track on Bittersweet is easy on the ears, Burning is a track that is sultry and soulful. The inclusion of funk and soul into the mix will appease fans of Pink and Christina Aguilera. more

Husband and wife Steve and Annie Sidley front this blue eyed soul act, and divvy up the vocal duties in the process.  The CD’s Title track “Bittersweet” is a sharply angular Philladelphia soul style number with a brightly warm and engaging guitar sound to pull us in. And the first thing you may notice about Annie Sidley’s voice is her profound commitment to performance. more

8.28.2013 SKOPE MAGAZINEThe album opens to title track, Bittersweet” and lays down the album ethos straight out of the gate. Immediately you are struck by Annie’s lush vocals over backing strum guitar and timekeeping percussion. Backing vocals at the chorus bolster the autobiographical lyrical matter of the track. Strings and keys join the fold on “Burning” and carry the melody just underneath another powerful vocal delivery from Annie. more


6.10.2013 Mobtown Music Guide -
"With the release of "Bittersweet," The Sidley's offer up a no-holds-barred look into a crumbling relationship that is striving to find understanding, so that it can be rebuilt on more solid ground." ... more

5.31.2013 THE EXAMINER - "A veteran "DC Diva" with a knock-out voice, Annie Sidley performs original, soulful pop shot through with old-school R&B rhythms. He husband Steve is her co-writer" ... more